Friday, 26 June 2015

Cornwall: Lantic Bay and Polruan

I had recently decided that I had to take a break away from work and with the weather currently being nothing short of fantastic I decided that a camping trip was in order.

One of my friends suggested that we take a trip down to Cornwall, to camp near the quaint town of Polruan and sunbath on one of his favourite locations, the majestic Lantic Bay.

We took the train down south from Cardiff to Plymouth and then to Par, before taking a short bus ride over to the twin sea side towns of Fowey and Polruan. The towns themselves were beautiful and displayed Cornwall to its best effect. Full as they were of rustic winding streets, historic buildings, quaint shops and a bay full of brightly coloured boats.

We stopped in Fowey for lunch at Sam's, a fantastic resturant where I sampled freshly caught chilli tempura friend red mullet. Afterwards we crossed over to Polruan to wander and enjoy a refreshing ice cream and a spot of tea at a local resturant. We then headed over to the camping spot to chill out, eat dinner and sleep.

The next day we set out for a day down the beach. Lantic Bay was particularly beautiful, surrounded on all sides with dramatic cliffs, the clearest, most vibrate blue waters and full of multiple coves and nooks to explore. We set down to sunbath and relax for the day and as the sun set behind the cliffs we were treated to the most dramatic sunset as the sky went pink and the waters turned to a milky blue.

We went to bed that day happy and ready to explore the nearby sea cliff walk and town of Polperro.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The woods of strange impressions

It has been a while since I had done any abstract photography. Most of the things I had done recently had been focused on charities, urban decay and brightly coloured skies or objects.

I therefore felt like I wanted to reconnect with a artist subject I am passionate about. The only problem I had was that I had been feeling the need to push myself in new directions. After all this was a subject that I had covered so thoroughly it was actually beginning to bore me.

It turned out that taking these photos at a different time a day was just what was needed to inspire me. It was dusk when I started and the street lights were just beginning to be turned on.

This changed the black and golds I normally worked with into vibrant greens, white and orange. Subtle hints of purples rose from the ground and flashes of yellow came as the evening light hit the trees.

I used a mixture of delicate moments, circles and zooms as well as violent jerks and hard crash pans on subjects to create a series of images designed to evoke the feel of a painted forest of strange and beautiful impressions.