Wednesday, 22 June 2016

An urban apocolypse

Sometimes I swear my photography has a will of its own. I picked up my camera with the explicit intention of going out to take a bunch of colourful urban photos. Halfway through editing my pictures decided otherwise.

Colour became monochrome, darkness crept into my work and the sky went from vivid blues to dark and ominous greys. The world and the language of my photos had suddenly changed and instead of riotous colour. I was now looking at a world nearing its end.

It was changed in short order to a very urban apocolypse.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Life amongst the dead

Life and death are innately connected to each other, as one thing breaks down new things thrive in their stead. No where is this clearer then in a graveyard, filled as it is with plants and trees bursting into life. Multitudes of birds and a diverse array of animal life.

Its comforting to know that even as our lives pass we can be buried to provide life and nutrients to such beautiful and diverse life and that our loved ones will place us to rest amoungst such peaceful beauty.

I set out with my camera to explore this recently, to capture the beauty that remain when our lives have past. To prove that in the places where our remains are placed we will still find life amongst the dead.