Sunday, 27 March 2016

Dancing in colour

I felt the need to escape this weekend, to run away from life and have an adventure so I followed that urge and booked my bus ticket to London. There is so many touristy things to see and do in London that it can be easy to become blinded to some of the exciting smaller moments that happen in the city everyday.

After wandering through the city I returned to my hotel just as the sun was setting. It was coming home that I stumbled across a number of teenagers performing bike tricks in an alcove next the thames river. I was fascinated by the colour, energy and joy that these people found as they leapt through the air on their bikes.

As I followed them with my camera I tried to capture them flying through the air. Dancing in the light, shooting past coloured walls, landing tricks and occasionally landing flat on their arses. It was like they were dancing in colour and I was there to capture every glorious moment of it.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

The highway

Hi to all my regular page viewers, first I'd like to apologise for the absence of any blog posts for a while. When I first set up this blog it was because I wanted to have an outlet with which to publicize my art which was so important to me. Unfortunately over time I found the pressure of out putting a new blog post every week soon began to take a toll on me creatively and I ended up suffering from creative burn out. From now on I will be still be doing blog posts but it will be at a more relaxed pace. One that I am more comfortable with. Thanks for bearing with me and for regularly viewing my work guys. 

The highway near where I live had been calling me for a while and after one nights wandering I came across a bridge over it. I was fascinated by the cars passing by and wanted to capture some of th light trails that came from it.

I found that light trailed created the sense of some futuristic city viewed from above of strange and hypnotic light trails slipping away into the night.

Far above the road and found a new way to view the highway.