Monday, 28 September 2015

Standing in Lunar's light

The moon has always been a potent mystic symbol, in Buddhism it is the throne upon which Tara sits, in Hinduism it is the jewel on Shiva's brow, in Christianity it is a symbol of chastity and to the greek pagan it was the goddess selene who was all seeing and all wise and an enemy of strife.
I've always felt the pull of the moon, a strange energy that made me want to run wild and dance and celebrate under its glowing light. It was for this reason that I set out last night to capture this feeling, this energy through the lense of my camera. As last night was not only a supermoon but also the night of a lunar eclipse.

I followed its etheral light through trees, across roads, under street lamps and into abandoned parks all to capture its intense glory. The world through my camera went from blue to black to yellow to orange to gold. And still I could only capture a fraction of its glory, this moon and its light.

Maybe I'll always be drawn back to the young man I was, standing outside surrounded by the beauty of nature on a cold crisp autumn night, being bathed in Lunar's light.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Abergavenny: the gateway to South Wales

Based in the rolling green hills of monmouthshire and perched inbetween three beautiful mountains. Abergavenny really is a great place to get away from it all.

Whether its to go hiking, explore the castle ruins, wander around quaint shops or enjoy the food festival that occasionally rolls into town Abergavenny really does have a lot to offer its visiting tourists.

I had had the week off work and so rather then sit around the house I decided to get out and do some hiking. On a whim I took the train to Abergavenny, as it pulled into the station I didn't regret the decision as I was immediately welcomed by beautiful sweeping vistas.

I set my sights on one of the nearby mountains and after procuring some supplies I set off. The path led me over a rushing river, by a beautiful local church and up onto an enchanting canal that was home to some lovely houses and a couple of sleepy looking boats.

After taking some time to wander along the canal I doubled back and followed the trail back up mountain and into some woods straight out of a fairy tale. I've never happier then when I'm in woodland so I relished the chance to be out in nature like this. After stopping to eat some lunch I finally broke the tree line and was rewarded with a great view across to the surrounding far off mountains.

When I was on my way in I didn't realise how close Abergavenny was to where my step father had been laid to rest at the foot of the Skrid mountain and it was a slightly emotional moment for me. Still it was nice to sit and take in the view and think of old times.

Afterwards I took the trail back down into town and over the meadows to Abergavenny castle. Unfortunately it was closed by the time I arrived but its ruined glory was more then enough to enjoy and take photos of. I finished my trip by heading into the town centre itself and nursed a coffee in one of the many shops that lined the centre. The friendly local banter left a smile on my face and as I left for the train I was happy that I had come and explored this beautiful place.

This blog post is in memory of my stepdad Berwyn Rogers, rest in peace Ber.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

The sky in the lakeside

I decided to focus on my abstract reflection work again this week, as the last few posts I had done had mostly focused on travel or realistic subject matters. I had noticed on my way into work that I passed a particularly beautiful lake with some lovely reflections.

Setting out with my camera I decided to focus on creating a series of dreamy images of the sky. I've felt in the past that looking up into the sky gives the impression of gazing into some great ocean through which a vessel could glide across a great blue silent sea.

This was what I wanted to create by that lakeside, the dream that instead of standing looking at a lake you might be gazing at another world, one where the horizon and the water's edge blur and becomes instead a never ending sky of water and wind.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The last glen of summer

The last throws of the British summer are upon us, you can feel it in the crispness of the air and the shortening of the daylight hours.

It was with this in mind that I set out to capture the feeling of the last few warm days we have had. The evening had arrived, the day was warm and the sun had sunk into a golden orb which bathed everything in a rich glowing light.

I did this by set the camera on a low shutter speed and gently shaking and twisting the camera. I took a range of pictures that day but the ones I was most drawn to were the ones that turned everything into a richly coloured canvas.

One that could take the summer days and turn them into a painting that could capture the last glen of summer.