Sunday, 18 January 2015

Cardiff: A day at the museum

 Cardiff museum is located right in the heart of the city centre and is rightly considered one of the top tourist attractions for the city. Home as it is to a stunning array of status, stuffed animals. fossils, jewel like bug collections and actual gems and precious stones it really is a great place to spend the day getting lost.

I spent the day getting better acquainted with the history of wales' landmasses. Enjoying displays of the Earth's various prehistoric creatures, marvelling at the deep sea displays, squeezing through informative cave displays and ooooed and arrhed over a large section of stunningly displayed crystal and stuffed animals. As I wandered through the collection I could really appreciated the care and effort that had been put into creating this beautiful display.

After enjoying the natural history section of the museum I headed back out to explore its art collection. However as I did so I was drawn to a crowd of people gathered in the main entrance. To my delight I discovered a group of performers in renaissance inspired dress. With their voices they created an unearthly and spell binding song that reverberated its way deep into the heart of the building.

After they were finished I drifted up the stairs and through hallways covered in pre raphaelite art. It was the afternoon by the time I left and as stepped into the evening sun I was very glad to have spend a day at the museum.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Night city lights

Cardiff city is a really attractive place to go out and photograph at night. Its bright, bold and practically shimmers with multi coloured neon lights. Or at least it normally would be if I hadn't chosen the one night of the week where it pissing it down with rain.

Still after hiding in doorways, dodging howling blasts of wind and the considerable amounts of water pouring from the heavens I was able to capture the essence of Cardiff at night.

If anything the stormy weather only added to the mystique of the city further, adding hazy reflections and a dramatic imposing sky with which to contrast the night lights against.

After getting all the shots I had wanted I left for home and a hot chocolate happy in the knowledge I had done my best to capture the night city lights.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Abstract landscapes

Creating landscapes isn't something I get to do much in the city. With the rare exception of the down the bay, I find it difficult to find the open spaces I need to compose them.

With a recent trip to the countryside I had the perfect excuse to do this however. But because my last set of pictures had been more realistic I decided to experiment by creating a series of much more impressionistic images.

By setting the camera to a five second exposure and gently shaking the camera or moving it to side to side I was able to create images of flame filled fields, musical cities, dancing lights and Van Gogh inspired starry nights.

I was in Glastonbury again and by using this technique I felt I was able to capture and cast an air of mystery and magic over the town befitting this land of myth.