Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Tenovus Cancer Care Goodnight Walk 2016

The annual Tenovus Cancer Care Goodnight Walk is an event that is as inspiring as it is fun. Its a chance for all those who have been affected by cancer to come together and literally light up the night. As people of all ages came together and walk to raise money to fight cancer and to support each other.

The 2016 event was no exception as it was a night of fun, dancing, community and frivolity with at its a heart a serious message of hope for the people whose lives had been touched by this disease.

At the event as people geared up for the walk there were hula hooping, dancing, music, beauty stalls, a selfie mirror, our very own live choir singing and and more joyful entertaining then you could shake a stick at. As I wandered the event people dressed in outlandish outfits, amazing colours and bright lights wandered past.

Then with a whoosh they were off, setting off to make a loop of the five and ten miles walks. People of all ability and physically fitness setting off to make a difference for themselves and others.

On route they were given the opportunity to light candles in brightly coloured jars in memories of those they were walking to support.

As a volunteer I was given a lift to one of the station where we set up a bright, light and welcoming beacon for our walkers complete with water and a bathroom break to refresh and reinvigorate them.

As the night drew to a close and the last of the participants past I was left with a feeling of warmth that only came with the knowledge that we were really helping people. That in no small way we had all helped to light up the night in the face of cancer.

If you still want to make a difference there is still time as there is another Goodnight Walk being held in Swansea on the 16th of July, interested? Then follow the link below:


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